True Symmetry Brewing Company is located in Suisun City and opened in April 2018. We are pleased with the space we have created for everyone with its industrial influences but welcoming and comfortable feel.

Our brewing philosophy is about balance. We believe that life is about balance and your beer should be no different. The most important aspect of our business plan is to provide top quality ales and lagers. Our goal is offer not just beer, but a memorable experience in every glass. We aim to make all beer styles, with a strong emphasis on English and Belgian ales. Check out our beers page for more details on our beers.

Our head brewer, Jason Ledford, started as a home brewer in 1999 when his wife, Chasity, bought him a small home brewing kit for Christmas. Since then Jason has won numerous homebrew awards and in 2014 he received an opportunity to attend Brewlab, a brewing program located in Sunderland (northern) England. Jason graduated with merit and earned a Diploma in British Brewing Technology.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please visit our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. We would love to hear any suggestions you might have.

We look forward to your next visit. Cheers!

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Beer, beautiful weather, music and social distance company makes for a great weekend. ⁣

Food purchase and outdoor seating is still required. ⁣

Friday: Open 3-9pm. ⁣
Food: Lynn’s⁣
It will be a beautiful evening on the patio. ⁣

Saturday: Open 12-8pm. ⁣
Food: Lynn’s⁣
Music on the patio: @5oclocksomewhereband 5pm⁣

Sunday: Open 12-5pm. ⁣
Food: Lynn’s. ⁣
Music on the patio: @twotrackn 3pm⁣

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5 days ago

True Symmetry Brewing Company

This weekend. More great music on the patio! @ True Symmetry Brewing Company ...

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6 days ago

True Symmetry Brewing Company

@tanktemp to the rescue!!! When your chiller dies whilst multiple beers are in production and you need temp buy a new chiller. Amazing service and great equipment. We’re back up and running a day and a half after calling them. Tanks full of beer were saved!!!
Thanks Tank Temp. @ True Symmetry Brewing Company

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Happy birthday to Pops, the ship wouldn’t stay afloat without him. ...

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Fun weekend ahead. Open for patio seating, new beer release and music is back!l⁣
Food purchase is required.⁣

Thursday: Open 4-8pm. Food: Lynn’s⁣

Friday: Open 3-9pm. Food:
New Beer! Delta Town Pale Ale 6.5% 50IBU. New school twist on a classic Coast Pale Ale. Crisp and bitey with Denali and Strata hops that give it a stone fruit, tropical and dank taste and aroma. ⁣

Saturday: Open 12-8pm. Food: Lynn’s⁣
Music on the patio: @duo_sonics 4-7pm⁣

Sunday: Open 12-5pm. Food: Lynn’s. ⁣
Music on the patio: Alan Brownlee solo 3-5pm⁣

We will make the best of this time!! Beer and good social distancing company makes everything better. ⁣

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